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Our Guiding Values

VertX is dedicated to delivering high quality work that makes a difference and continuous improvement as a team. We strive to incorporate and abide by the following guiding values in all our projects and initiatives:

Understand People icon

Understand People

Collaborate Openly icon

Collaborate Openly

Service Fill Users' Needs icon

Fill Users' Needs

Put Security First icon

Put Security First

Always Be Agile icon

Always Be Agile

Test Continuously icon

Test Continuously

Emphasize Quality icon

Emphasize Quality

Iterate and Improve icon

Iterate and Improve

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Integrated Agile DevOps

Agile Development DevOps

Why We Use Agile DevOps

In today’s growing digital world, organizations need to be as flexible as possible to adapt to shifting business requirements and consumer behavior. This means boosting product quality, raising financial performance, and increasing speed-to-market. Integrated Agile DevOps makes achieving these goals possible by optimizing the development lifecycle and ensuring overall operability. VertX’s approach brings these results to our clients:

Streamlined Release Process Icon
Streamlined Release Process
More Productive Collaboration icon
More Productive Collaboration
Higher Value Releases icon
Higher Value Releases
Fewer Bugs, Faster Releases icon
Fewer Bugs, Faster Releases
Increased Visibility icon
Increased Visibility
Enhanced User Satisfaction icon
Enhanced User Satisfaction

Human-Centered Design

Why We Use Human-Centered Design

People expect more from their technology today than ever before. To stay ahead of the market, organizations must understand how to build easy-to-use products that deliver superior user experiences, which will keep people coming back. VertX’s commitment to Human-Centered Design empowers our team to truly design with the user in mind. We proudly put in the effort needed to research and iteratively deliver user-friendly products, leading to the following outcomes:

Why We Use Human-Centered Design
Improved Performance icon
Improved Performance
Greater User Satisfaction icon
Greater User Satisfaction
Reduced Resource Costs icon
Reduced Resource Costs
Increased Credibility with Users icon
Increased Credibility with Users
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