Kickstarting an API Governance Program

VertX worked closely with VA to develop a comprehensive approach to API governance, including entitlement and licensing, to boost cost savings and enhance oversight.


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The Client's Problem

VA was manually managing and tracking thousands of unique Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) across the organization. These APIs were tracked on a project-by-project basis, and there was no centralized governance model. This raised a variety of compliance risks and placed a substantial cost burden on individual groups and departments.

Kickstarting an API Governance Program
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Our Solution

Our Solution

VertX recommended a centralized, automated data collection program that was further enhanced with a robust governance model. Our human-centered approach focused heavily on the people, processes, and technologies associated with API usage to deeply understand both the data flows and technical stack, thus enabling successful management.

“VertX has done an excellent job integrating, coordinating, and managing all activities in collaboration with leadership and stakeholders.”

– Client Testimonial​

The VertX Difference

VertX developed a pragmatic, phased approach that leverages existing governance bodies and prioritizes initiatives, projects, and applications that have the highest level of API usage with cost traceability. Our partnership with VA allowed these findings to be published and shared with organizations across the public sector.

The VertX Difference
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